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This is a database of faces and non-faces, that has been used extensively at the Center for Biological and Computational Learning at MIT. It is freely available for research use. If you use this database in published work, you must reference:

CBCL Face Database #1
MIT Center For Biological and Computation Learning


Training set: 2,429 faces, 4,548 non-faces 
Test set: 472 faces, 23,573 non-faces

The training set face were generated for [3]. The training set non-faces were generated for [2]. The test set is a subset of the CMU Test Set 1 [4], information about how the subset was chosen can be found in [2].

The tarballs train.tar.gz and test.tar.gz contain subdirectories with the images stored in individual pgm files. These pgm images can be processed using the functions in the c-code directory. Note that the c-code directory is not a complete program, merely a collection of functions that are useful for reading in the pgm files. These functions have successfully been used numerous times to read in and convert this data; we are unlikely to have time to respond to requests regarding help with these functions, or offer other programming help.

For those who don't want to work with the image files directly, we provide the files svm.train.normgrey and svm.test.normgrey. These files are in the proper format to be read by the SvmFu SVM solver (http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/cbcl/), but should be easily convertible for use by other algorithms. In each file, the first line contains the number of examples (6,977 training, 24,045 test), the second line contains the number of dimensions (19x19 = 361). Each additional line consists of a single image, histogram equalized and normalized so that all pixel values are between 0 and 1, followed by a 1 for a face or a -1 for a non-face. This is the data that was used in [1].

A slightly modified version of the dataset was used in [2] --- the histogram normalization was identical, but additionally, the corners of the image were masked out.

For any questions regarding this dataset, please contact Stan Bileschi

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Copyright 2000
Center for Biological and Computational Learning at MIT and MIT
All rights reserved.

Permission to copy and modify this data, software, and its documentation only for internal research use in your organization is hereby granted, provided that this notice is retained thereon and on all copies. This data and software should not be distributed to anyone outside of your organization without explicit written authorization by the author(s) and MIT. It should not be used for commercial purposes without specific permission from the authors and MIT. MIT also requires written authorization by the author(s) to publish results obtained with the data or software and possibly citation of relevant CBCL reference papers.
We make no representation as to the suitability and operability of this data or software for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

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