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BOSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL NSF pumps $25M into MIT artificial intelligence center, Patricia Resende, Managing Editor MHT- Boston Business Journal, Sep 10, 2013

MIT NEWS, Artificial-intelligence research revives its old ambitions A new interdisciplinary research center at MIT, funded by the National Science Foundation, aims at nothing less than unraveling the mystery of intelligence, Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office, Septemebr 9, 2013

AMERICA24:L'INTERVISTA: Capire l'intelligenza. Ecco la missione di Tomaso Poggio, uno scienziato italiano a Boston."Investire nella ricerca fondamentale per l'economia di una nazione", Francesca Berardi, February 21 2012 (article is in Italian)

BRAIN SCAN -"Computing Intelligence: By developing theories of how the brain learns from experience, Tomaso Poggio is also helping to engineer smarter machines," Winter 2011, Issue no. 19

MIT NEWS -- "How the brain recognizes objects: A new computational model sheds light on the workings of the human visual system and could help advance artificial-intelligence research, too," Larry Hardesty, June 7, 2010.

OKAWA PRIZE CEREMONY-- Award ceremony was held March 11, 2010, Tokyo, Japan; Click here to read Prof. Poggio's acceptance speech

BBC -- This is part of the excellent BBC series entitled "visions of the future". This short clip shows work performed at CBCL (MIT) about a computational neuroscience model of the ventral stream of the visual cortex. The story here focuses on recent work by Serre, Oliva and Poggio on comparing the performance of the model to human observers during a rapid object categorization task.  Visions of the Future  -  (Tomaso Poggio, Thomas Serre and Aude Oliva).

THE ECONOMIST -  Easy on the Eyes, Computer vision: a computer can now recognise classes of things as accurately as a person can,(Tomaso Poggio and Thomas Serre), April 3, 2007

NEWSCIENTIST TECH - Visual-cortex Simulator Sees Animals as Humans Do,(Tomaso Poggio and Thomas Serre) April 3, 2007

SLASHDOT - news for Nerds, Stuff that Matters, Recognizing Scenes Like the Brain Does, (Tomaso Poggio) Feb 11, 2007

NPR - "All Things Considered" by Robert Siegel, Audio:  MIT Video Lipsync (Tomaso Poggio and Tony Ezzat) May 16, 2002

BOSTON GLOBE - At MIT, They Can Put Words in Our Mouths by Gareth Cook, (Tony Ezzat and Tomaso Poggio) May 15, 2002

NBC TODAY SHOW with Katie Couric, Video:* (100 Kbps) (300 Kbps) (Tony Ezzat and Tomaso Poggio) May 20, 2002

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