Gadi Geiger

Focusing on Dyslexia

Research on Dyslexia:

For the past several years, Jerry Lettvin, othercollegues and I have been working on a new approach to dyslexia. We suggest that dyslexics have a different learned patterns of perceptual masking rather than higher level cognitive defect.

In A View on Dyslexia, we describe, briefly, a perceptual non-reading measure which reliably distinguishes between dyslexic persons and ordinary readers. More importantly, we describe a regimen of practice with which dyslexics learn a new perceptual strategy for reading. By now six studies on dyslexics children and adults demonstrate the regimen's efficiency.

A View on Dyslexia postscript version
A View on Dyslexia pdf version
Gad Geiger and Jerome Lettvin
CBCL Paper #148/AI Memo #1608, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, June 1997.

Selected publications:

"Wide and diffuse perceptual modes characterize dyslexics in vision and audition" pdf version
Geiger, G., C. Cattaneo, R. Galli, U. Pozzoli, M. Lorusso, A. Facoetti, and M. Molteni, Perception Vol. 37, Issue 11, Pages 1745 – 1764, 2008

Developmental Dyslexia: a Different Perceptual Strategy and How to Learn a New Strategy for Reading pdf version
Gad Geiger and Jerome Y. Lettvin
Saggi CD and D Vol.26, No. 1, 73-89, 2000.

Wider recognition in peripheral vision common to different subtypes of dyslexia pdf version
M.L. Lorusso, A. Facoetti, S. Pesenti, C. Cattaneo, M. Molteni, G. Geiger
Vision Research, vol. 44, 2413-2424, 2004.

Towards the Prevention of Dyslexia pdf version
Geiger, G. and D. Amara. , CBCL Paper #256/AI Memo #2005-029

How Dyslexics See and Learn to Read Well
Gad Geiger and Jerome Lettvin
In, Reading and Dyslexia: Visual and attentional processes, edited by John Everatt, Routledge:London, New York, 1999.

Dyslexic Children Learn a New Visual Strategy for Reading: A Controlled Experiment
Gad Geiger, Jerome Y. Lettvin and Manfred Fahle
Vision Research, Vol. 34, No. 9, 1223-1233, 1994.

Task-determined Strategies of Visual Process pdf version
Gad Geiger, Jerome Y. Lettvin and Olga Zegarra-Moran
Cognitive Brain Research 1, 39-52, 1992.

Peripheral Vision in Persons with Dyslexia
Gad Geiger and Jerome Y. Lettvin, M.D.
New England Journal of Medicine 316:1238-1243, 1987.


A lecture I gave in the International Design Conference in Aspen June, 9, 2001. The figures for the lecture are in:
Perception as Practiced


A poster I presented in the Vision ScienceS conference in Sarasota, FL May, 2001.
Cross-Modal Perceptual Learning as Demonstrated in Dyslexics

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