UROP Research Project Opening
Center for Biological & Computational Learning
Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, MIT
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT

- We offer an exciting UROP position for the summer of 2005, and possibly continuing on to the Fall semester of 2005. The project involves working with the standard model of object recognition that emulates visual processing in primate cortex. It will be an ideal opportunity for a rising senior in EECS with an interest in computer and biological vision. It may also lead to an MEng project at CBCL.
- The undergraduate researcher will be responsible for (1) quickly learning the basic architecture of the standard model, (2) implementing several key benchmark tests of the model in Matlab/C, (3) extending the current implementation of the model in a portable and user-friendly format, and/or (4) implementing this model of object recognition on the new Sony robot, AIBO.
- Must be an MIT undergraduate student. We are looking for an excellent programmer with experiences in Matlab and C/C++. This project will be appropriate for a rising senior in EECS, who has already taken 6.170 or has an extensive programming experience. Minimum 40 hours per week are expected during the summer. Experience in computer vision is a plus.
- Hourly rate.
- All summer
- Minjoon Kouh, Thomas Serre, Ulf Knoblich
kouh@mit.edu, serre@mit.edu, knoblich@mit.edu
Center for Biological & Computational Learning

May, 2005