hhpkg: Hodgkin-Huxley Package for CNS

Author:Ulf Knoblich


A CNS package that defines several types of spiking cells using Hodgkin-Huxley dynamics.


See the instructions for installing packages in the CNS manual. (CNS itself must be installed first.)

Once the package has been installed, make sure it's working by running the following demo script:

>> hhpkg_demo_run
The CNS manual contains a troubleshooting section if you encounter problems.

Additional Documentation

Documentation for hhpkg currently consists of:

Revision History

Rev# Date Changes
r9 2010-03-19 Updated to use simplified CNS field classes.
r11 2010-03-24 Identified many fields as private.
r17 2010-11-13 Updated to use #BLOCKSIZE.
r18 2010-11-14 Updated to use #ARRAY.
r20 2011-02-17 Cell types are now defined using classdef.
r21 2011-02-20 Added demo script hhpkg_demo_run.
r23 2012-04-10 Tested under CUDA 4.1.