cnpkg: 3-D Convolutional Network Package for CNS

Authors:Jim Mutch and Srini Turaga


A CNS package for creating 3-D convolutional networks and training them via the backpropagation algorithm.


See the instructions for installing packages in the CNS manual. (CNS itself must be installed first.)

Once the package has been installed, make sure it's working by running the following demo script:

>> cnpkg_run
The CNS manual contains a troubleshooting section if you encounter problems.

Additional Documentation

Documentation for cnpkg currently consists of:

Revision History

Rev# Date Changes
r14 2010-11-13 Updated to use #BLOCKSIZE.
r15 2010-11-13 No longer uses PHASE_NO macro.
r17 2011-01-28 Updated to use FIND_type_dim_... macros.
r19 2011-02-17 Cell types are now defined using classdef.
r22 2012-04-10 Tested under CUDA 4.1.